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Training in epidemiology at Berkeley provides a sound basis for careers in several areas. Persons with a prior doctoral degree who complete the MPH degree and those who complete the PhD degree are in demand for teaching and research careers in schools of public health, medical schools and other academic institutions. There also are diverse opportunities for careers in international, federal, state, and local health agencies. The latter positions usually focus on the use of epidemiological approaches and knowledge to carry out research or program evaluation directed at control of infectious or noninfectious diseases. Epidemiologists are also increasingly in demand in major health care provider organizations. Graduates who terminate at the MS or MPH degree find positions in many of the same agencies, working in multidisciplinary groups and applying their epidemiological and statistical training to studies of various health problems.


Faculty/Research at Schools of Public Health

Melissa Kealey (UC Berkeley Epidemiology)
Farnaz Vahidnia (UC Berkeley Epidemiology)
Farren Briggs (Case Western Epidemiology)
Tad Haight (UC Berkeley Neuroscience)
Amy Padula (UC Berkeley Epidemiology)
Aubree Gordon (UC Berkeley Epidemiology)
Jonathan Chevrier (UC Berkeley Epidemiology)
Jennifer Ahern (UC Berkeley Epidemiology)
Tim Bruckner (UC IrvinePublic Health & Planning, Policy & Design)
Joelle Brown (UCLA Epidemiology)
Young Shin Kim (Yale University)
Audrey Pettifor (University of North Carolina)
Madhukar Pai (McGill University)
Nitika Pai (McGill University)

Faculty/Research at other academic institutions

Andrew Anglemyer (Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group, UCSF)
Mi-Suk Kang Dufour (CAPS, UCSF) 
Jonathan Snowden (Oregon Health Science Univ)
Minh-Tram (Gem) Le (Cancer Prevention Institute)
Rajnish Joshi (MGIMS Sevagram, India)
Lisa Butler (UCSF Epi/Biostats Department)
Sherri Lippman (CAPS, UCSF)
Michelle Odden (UCSF Gerontology)
Corinne Rocca (UCSF Ob/Gyn)
Natalia Sadetsky (UCSF Urology Department)
Lisa Goldman Rosas (Kellogg Health Scholars, UCSF)
Trisha Hue (UCSF Epidemiology Department)
Peg Bracci (UCSF Cancer Epidemiology)
Melinda Aldrich (UCSF Lung Biology)
Eric Kessell (UCSF Psychiatry)
Denise Zabkiewicz (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)
Sheryl Magzamen (University of Wisconsin)
Jim Scott (Colby College)
Nancy Hills (UCSF)
Nita Wu (UCSF)
Grant Dorsey (UCSF)

U.S. Government Agencies

Sara Tartof (EIS, CDC, Atlanta)
Lara Misegades (CDC, Atlanta)
Charlotte Kent (CDC, Atlanta)
Andrea Kim (CDC, Atlanta)

Ministries of Health

Pedro Chequer (Brazil)
Donna Kabatesi (Uganda)

State and Local Health Departments

Lee Ann Prebil (County of Marin Health Services)
Julie Lifshay (CA Dept. of Health Services)
Melissa Sanchez (San Francisco Department of Health)

Other Research Settings

Vincent Yau (Kaiser Permanente Division of Research)
Anne Gasasira (Uganda Malaria Surveillance Project)
Dawn Mackey (Cal Pacific Medical Center)
Kevin Urayama (Int'l Agency for Research on Cancer)
Lisa Scott Clarke (Northern California Cancer Center)
Kahled Sarsour (Eli Lilly)
Michael McCulloch (Pine Street Clinic, San Anselmo CA)
Georgette Adjorlolo-Johnson (Elizabeth Glaser AIDS Foundation)
Lyndsay Ammon (Alcohol Research Group)
Abigail Eaton (Kaiser Permanente Division of Research)
Alice Pressman (Kaiser Permanente Division of Research)
Thu Quach (Cancer Prevention Institute of California)
Wanichaya Kittikraisak (TB - CDC Bangkok)
Samuel Malamba (CDC, Uganda)
Jayne Tusiime (CDC, Uganda)

Other Settings

Jill Hardin (VitaPath Genetics)
Tapashi Battacharjee Dalvi (Mattson Jack DaVinci)
Benjamin Bellows (Population Council, Kenya)
Marcos Espinal, (Stop TB/WHO)


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